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Our Process

With 15 years of building experience, we have refined the custom home building process, allowing our clients to build on time and on budget. When building with us, we want you to enjoy your experience and the journey from start to finish.

Building your dream home can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.


Understanding your dream home requirements

Our experienced team at Blue Gum Homes will chat through your wants, needs, budget and urgencies in order to provide you with a design concept for you to begin your home building journey.

At this point we will get to understand the size and specificity of your site as well as what your ideal floor plan is. Added to this, we will conduct a site assessment, and provide you with an estimation for site and building costs.

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Lock in your floor plan & design

At this stage, it’s important that your home layout is confirmed and that you understand the particulars involved as part of the building process. We will advise you on your best design options after carefully considering the site conditions (block size, soil type, slope access) along with your brief.

It’s important you progress through this stage with an honest estimate for your brand new custom home. At this point, your home building cost will be firmly indicated so that you can begin arranging finance.


Confirm your fixtures & finishes!

Our primary objective is for our families for whom we build to fall in love with the building process and enjoy every second from the beginning.

For this phase, we invite you to visit our showroom and meet with one of our interior designers. You will have three options: electrical, fittings and fixtures, and colour selection. Walk out with an abundance of knowledge and the ability to really spec out your home the way you like it.

Unlike most companies, where you only have one day to make a decision, we take as many appointments as you need at each stage until you are satisfied with your decision. Once a decision has been reached, our knock down rebuild specialists roll up their sleeves and build your home as specified.


It’s time to establish a no variation, fixed-price contract!

When you are satisfied with the preceding steps and are ready to move forwards, we prepare an industry-standard Master Builders Association of New South Wales contract. We lean onto our knock down rebuild expertise and usually can build your home after contracting within 6-12 months.

Contract signing is complete, and once signed, there will be no further changes. This is why we take the time and are meticulous in reaching this point, we will never rush you. This is the very reason why we can offer a no variation guarantee.

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Let’s have your dream home plans approved

During this final stage before construction, we will submit an application for a building permit (CDC/DA). After the confirmation and authorisation of the finances, this step is carried out.

We may come across covenants or site-specific council overlays during this stage. Both are viable options. If this occurs, we will assist you in resolving these issues with the council so that you can proceed.


You’ve made it to the build – ask us for a timeline.

Finally, once all is revealed we can give you an accurate timeline of how long your building project will take. Typically most builds are between 6-12 months in length, all depending on the brief and specifics.

At Blue Gum Homes, we deliver on our promise of building on time and on your budget with no surprises. Our no variation guarantee and agreement provide the transparency and peace of mind you need, ensuring a stress-free experience.

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